Create Report

CustomFit Reports has a library of predefined templates that are already connected to multiple sources of data like analytics, CRM, and other third-party tools. It allows you to stay informed about the important metrics and get instant alerts directly to your preferred slack channels.

For example, you will find templates to help you track active visitors, monitor acquisition funnels, observe page engagement levels, funnel analysis from lead to customers, and templates to alert when an ICP visitor or existing lead revisit the website.

Login to the dashboard and click on Reports from the left sidebar

Select any one of the templates from the list of ready-to-use templates and click on "Use Template".

Click on Create Report

Enter the Report Name and click on Next

Select the slack channel or multiple channels where you want to receive an alert and click on Next

IF you want to target a set of audiences, then create a new segment or choose the existing segment from the dropdown menu and add the rules that suit your needs, and click on Next.

Configure the report alerts based on your requirements whether you want to receive daily/weekly/monthly alerts and set the timing. Click on Finish.

By default weekly alert is set on Monday and a monthly alert is set at the start of the month.

By default, reports are sent at 11:00 to the configured slack channel.

Note: You will receive the alerts only if the status is enabled for that particular report

Edit the Report Name

If you wish to update the report name then, click on the edit icon

Edit the report name and click on Update

Delete the report

If you wish to delete any of the reports, click on the delete icon

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