Property Insights

The insights page provides various information about the event properties:

  • Key: A meaningful name for your event property that will allow you to easily locate it in the dashboard

  • Description: Briefly describe what this event property is about. This will help your team members understand the experience's purpose

  • Type: Provides the type of the event property that you have created

  • Status: Enable this field to make your event property as active

  • Trackable: Enable this field if you want to track this event property under visitor journey level insights


  • Allows you to edit an event property by clicking on an edit option

  • Once you click on edit option you will be redirected to update event property page. Change the event property details of your choice and click on update button. Property type and property key cannot be edited

  1. Search property tab allows you to search for a particular event property information.

  2. Show allows you to display the number of entries based on your choice. By default top 10 entries are displayed

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