Experience Dashboard

The experience dashboard page provides various information about experiences, such as :


A meaningful name of your experience will allow you to easily locate it in the dashboard.


Provide the priority information of each experience you have created. Priority is a numerical value and it is used to determine the priority of an experience. The lower value has the lowest priority and the higher value has higher priority.


The Behaviors column in the dashboard gives information about the total number of behaviors present in an experience.


The Pages column displays the total number of pages present in an experience.

Power Switch

Turn on the power switch to make the experience live.


If you click on goals button then you will be redirected to the respective goals page


Under the actions column you can perform various actions such as


In the Actions column, you can delete an experience by clicking on the delete option from the dropdown. Once you click on the delete icon a confirmation pop up window appears to confirm your delete action.


You can also edit the experience name by clicking on the edit option from the dropdown.

In the popup window you can change the experience name as per your requirement.


You can also clone an experience(Create duplicate experience) by clicking on the Make a clone option from the dropdown.

Give an experience name. Make sure that the experience name should not match with an existing experience name.

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