Creating an Event

Events are actions performed by visitors within the website. As any action could be an event, it’s important to know which events are relevant to your website. Once you’ve started receiving the data, you’ll learn how visitors navigate and interact with your website.

Creation of an event

  • Log in to the dashboard and navigate to the Event Analyzer page from the sidebar

  • Click on "+Event" to create an event

  • Enter the following details:

    1. Name: A meaningful name for your event that will allow you to easily locate it in the dashboard

    2. Event customer id: Provide the unique event customer id for the reference of an event. By default, the event name is considered to be the event customer-id

    3. Description: Briefly describe what this event is about. This will help your team members understand the experience's purpose

    4. Event type: There are 4 types of events • Track: It helps you to guide your visitors through content like when the

      event is visited, how long it was visited

    Page: It helps to understand how many times a particular page has been visited • Click: It helps you to know how many visitors have clicked the specific element on the website • Screen: It helps you to know how much part of the webpage have been scrolled and read

  • Once all the details are provided click on the "Create event" button

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