Integrating and Kickfire will help your website to:

  • Automatically display customer company details.

  • Customize the use case based on the number of employees, revenue, etc.

Follow the below steps to integrate with Kickfire :

  • Log in to the dashboard and click on settings from the sidebar

  • Click on 3rd Party Integrations

  • On the integrations page, you can see the Kickfire section

  • Click on the status field to enable Kickfire Integration

  • Now Login to Kickfire, In the API Menu Copy the "API key"

  • In the Kickfire section, you can see the Settings button. Click on it

  • Paste the copied API key in the "API key" field. And also specify the cache timeout in minutes

    • Cache timeout in minutes: The minimum is 1 minute and the maximum is 43200 minutes. The cache time specifies the duration of how long the CustomFit can cache the IP address to firmographic details to avoid API call to Kickfire for the request coming from the same IP. This will speed up the personalization time

  • Click on the Save button once all the details are filled

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