It’s very easy to set up Slack in All you’ll need are your Slack login credentials, and permission to install the app.

Enable Slack in

To receive Slack alerts and reports, you need to enable the Slack in dashboard—essentially inviting to your Slack workspace as a bot. When you configure Slack, you need to provide Slack credentials, letting post to your Slack workspace

  • From your dashboard, go to Settings and click 3rd Party Integrations

  • From here, you can enable or disable Slack integration. Click Enable to get started

  • If you aren’t logged in to Slack, log in. If you have multiple work-spaces, you’ll need to select the workspace that you want to receive Slack alerts and reports

  • Click Allow. Your dashboard will show that Slack is enabled

Switch to different WorkSpace

Disable the Slack integration and again enable it. You'll be redirected to the Slack page where you can add/change the WorkSpace

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