Microsoft Clarity Integration

Microsoft Clarity is a behavioral analytics tool that offers dashboards, heatmaps, session replays, and features such as rage clicks and dead clicks that make it easy to analyze issues that frustrate users.

You can integrate your CustomFit account with Microsoft Clarity to have your CustomFit experiences and behaviours pushed as custom tags in Clarity. This will allow you to view the recordings, heatmaps, and other insights of the corresponding visitor sessions if you are tracking website visitors with CustomFit and Microsoft Clarity.


  • A Microsoft Clarity account that is currently active

  • Your webpage should have both the CustomFit code snippet and Microsoft Clarity analytics code.

Integrating CustomFit with Clarity

  • Log in to your CustomFit dashboard.

  • From the dashboard sidebar, click on Settings > 3rd Party Integrations.

  • On the integrations page, you can see the Clarity section.

  • Click on the status field to enable Clarity integration.

Analyze recordings and heatmaps in Microsoft Clarity

  • Log in to your Microsoft Clarity account.

  • Go to My Projects and select your project.

  • Click on Filters.

  • Go to the Customised Filters section and click on Customised Tags option.

  • From the Customised tags dropdown, select customfit. From the next dropdown select the required experience behavior and click on Apply button.

It will take around one hour for the custom tags that are pushed from CustomFit to appear in Microsoft Clarity.

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