Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together.

Follow the below steps to integrate with Salesforce:

  • Log in to the dashboard and click on settings from the sidebar

  • Click on 3rd Party Integrations

  • On the integrations page, you can see the Salesforce section

  • Click on the status field to enable Salesforce Integration

  • You need consumer key, consumer secret and instance URL . Follow the below steps to get these values

  • Login to the Salesforce account by providing the credentials

  • You need to create a connected app. Click here to know how to create a connected app.

  • After the successful creation of the connected app you can find the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

  • Copy and paste the consumer key and consumer secret from the connected app and enter the instance URL(URL visitor to login to your salesforce account). For example :

  • Click on the Connect button, once all the details are filled

  • Now in order for CustomFit to keep the data updated with the Salesforce data, you need to create an Apex class. Click here to learn how to create an Apex Class

  • Now you need to create different triggers whenever there is any change in the Salesforce Contact, Lead or Account data. Click here to learn how to create different triggers

  • Finally, configure the Remote Site Settings from here.

  • In-case if the Salesforce integration fails, Click on Go back button, which will take you back to integrations page and then retry. If the problem persists, then reach out to CustomFit support

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