Event Insights

The insights page provides various information about the events:

  • Name: A meaningful name for your event that will allow you to easily locate it in the dashboard

  • Type: Category of an event that allows you to differentiate the different types of events

  • Triggers:

    • Total Triggers: Total number of times the event has been triggered

    • Unique Triggers: Total number of times the event has been triggered by unique visitors

  • Start Sessions: Total number of times visitors started the session through a specified page.

  • Bounce Rate: If a session starts and ends on the same page then it is considered as a bounce(Single page session). Bounce rate is the number of single page sessions divided by the number of Start sessions.

  • Average Duration: Average time spent by a visitor on a specified page.

  • Scroll Depth: Average scroll depth by a visitor on a specified page when the device type is of Mobile / Desktop.

  • Journey Event: If you want the event to be part of journey explorer then make it as journey event. By default, all the PAGE events will be marked as journey events.


Under more column you can find a dropdown consisting of:


  • You can edit the event information by clicking on the edit option from the dropdown. But the event customer_id and type of an event cannot be updated.

  • In the popup window, you can change the event information as per your requirement. But event customer_id and type of an event cannot be changed. Finally, click on the update button.

Daywise Graph

  • You can know the daywise graph for each specific event by clicking on Daywise graph option from the dropdown.

  • A popup window appears which contains the daywise graph for the selected event.

    By default the data is displayed for the last 7 days.

  • You can also select different days or select the custom date range.

  • When you click on custom you need to select the From and To dates

FROM date cannot be grater than the TO date

FROM date cannot exceed from the last 3months

TO date cannot exceed from the current date

Event level property insights

You can get to know the various event and visitor's property count for the specific event when it was triggered by clicking on the property insights option from the dropdown menu.

For example: If you to know the total number of visitors and sessions from the different browser for the selected event then select the cfbrowsername as the property

Once you choose the desired property, a popup window appears which contains total sessions and total count values for the respective browser names.

  1. Allows you to refresh the popup window

  2. Allows you to search for a particular value

  3. By default top 10 entries will be displayed. You can also select the number of entries based on your choice.

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