GA4 Integration

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) lets you collect visitor data on your websites and apps for analytical purposes. You can import audiences from GA4 into your CustomFit account and create GA4 audiences directly from your CustomFit dashboard by linking your CustomFit account with GA4.

Integrating CustomFit with GA4 is a one-time process. You don't need to repeat this procedure every time you create a new experience.

You must first verify that the GA4 code is installed on your website before continuing. If Google Tag Manager (GTM) was used for installation, please follow the instructions present in this document.

Enabling GA4 Integration

Perform the following steps to integrate GA4 with your CustomFit account:

  • Log in to your CustomFit dashboard.

  • From the dashboard sidebar, click on Settings > 3rd Party Integrations.

  • On the integrations page, you can see the Google Analytics 4 section.

  • Click on the status field to enable Google Analytics 4 integration.

Configuring GA4

  • Once GA4 has been enabled, you will be redirected to the settings page. Or you can access the GA4 settings page by clicking on the Settings button present in the Google Analytics 4 section.

  • Connect your GA4 account with by clicking on Sign in with Google.

  • Confirm the Google account you wish to use with CustomFit. Then, click Allow to provide permissions.

  • If the integration is successful then you can see your GA4 connected email successful,.

  • If you have installed GA4 through GTM then select the Tag installation mode as Google Tag Manager and Click on Save button. Follow the instructions listed in this document to integrate GA4 through GTM.

Setting up Experience Behavior as Audience in GA4

You can create audiences for your experience in your GA4 account directly from your CustomFit dashboard. It spares you from repeatedly setting up your GA4 filters in order to create audiences. Perform the following steps to accomplish it:

  • Select Allow to create GA4 audiences, and click on the Save button.

  • Now you will be able to set up your experience behavior as an audience in GA4. You can setup the audience while creating an experience or even after the experience has been created. To set up an audience in an experience, go to the integrations tab under an experience and click on Set up Behaviors as Audiences in GA4.

  • Choose the GA account and property from the Set up Audiences pop-up. By doing this, the Audiences section will be enabled and it will populate all the versions of experience behaviors to be setup as Audiences in GA4.

  • Type the versions' names into the corresponding text areas. This name will be used to identify the audiences in the GA4 account. Once done, click on the Save button. The audience will be created only when you power on the experience.

  • You can only remove audiences once they have been set up; you cannot change any already-existing audiences. To do so, click on Manage Audiences.

  • To remove an audience, click on the Delete icon for that audience. Click on Delete all to remove all the audiences. Once done, click Save button to confirm the changes.

Reports in GA4

Once your audiences are created, you can compare them in your GA4 account for various parameters such as average Session Duration, Revenue, Bounce rate, etc. To view the reports, perform the below steps:

  • On your GA4 dashboard, go to User Acquisition. This is the report for all the users.

  • If you want to compare the user acquisition report with one of the audiences created by CustomFit, then click on Add Comparison. Enter the dimension as the audience name, then under Match Type, select exactly matches, and under the value, select the experience behavior of the audience that you want to compare. Next, click on the Apply button.

Using GA4 audience to target visitors

To target website visitors for your experience, you may also import the audiences from GA4 into your CustomFit account. For example, you can use the audience that has added items to a wishlist and provide them with a special discount when they land on the website. To import GA4 audiences, perform the below steps:

  • In the GA4 settings page, select For experiences, use the GA4 audience to target visitors option, and click on the Save button.

  • Navigate to the experience where you wish to set up the GA4 audience as a rule.

  • Click on Add Rules.

  • From the list of options available, select GA4 Audience.

  • To view the Audience list for a particular GA4 account and property, pick it from the popup.

  • The Audience match and Audience not match options let you decide whether to include or exclude the user from the audience list.

  • Next, choose the necessary GA4 audience from the final dropdown menu.

  • Lastly, to save the configuration, click the Save button.

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