Installing CustomFit Code Snippet

To provide a personalized experience to your website visitors, your initial step is to install the code snippet on your website. This installation is a one-time setup and doesn't require modification every time you run a new experience. To successfully complete this installation, you'll need access to your website's source HTML code. does not recommend installing the code snippet through tag managers (such as Google Tag Manager) because that will cause the flicker (visitor can see the default content being replaced by the personalized content).

To add the code snippet

  • From the dashboard sidebar, click on 'Settings' and then click on the 'CustomFit Setup' option.

  • Click 'Copy' to copy the code snippet.

  • Paste the copied code snippet into the <head> tag of your website to personalize and track visitors.

  • In the URL field, type the web page's URL where you placed the code snippet, then click Verify to confirm the installation. You will see the success message if the installation was successful.

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