Create 1-1 or 1-n personalized URL links

If you are driving the traffic to your website through outbound emails, social media campaigns, push notifications, etc. then you can give them a highly personalized experience. The ABM section will help you to add personalization parameters( such as user properties & UTM params) and generate 1-1 or 1-n personalized links.

For example, when you send a marketing/sales mail to your prospect, in most cases you know the prospect's first name, last name, company, designation, use-case to highlight, etc. With the help of the CustomFit ABM tool, you can embed all the information and generate a personalized link.

To generate 1-n personalized links follow the below steps

  1. Provide the Landing Page URL for which you would like to generate the link. For example, if you wish the visitor to land on a specific product page then provide the particular page URL

  2. If you wish to add any custom property then provide the property name and value. For example, if you are generating a link for startups then the property name can be industry and the value should be startups

  3. You can also add UTM parameters as part of the personalized link. For example, if you are running a Google campaign then enter google under the UTM Source

    • UTM Source: This helps you to track the source from which the traffic is driven. For example, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

    • UTM Medium: This helps you to know the channel which is driving more traffic to your website. For example, Social, CPC, etc.

    • UTM Campaign: This indicates the name of the campaign which you are running. For example, Marketing Campaigns, Free-trial-demo Campaigns, etc.

    • UTM Term: This helps you to track the specific keywords for the running campaign. For example, logo, link, etc.

    • UTM Content: This helps you to differentiate the ads within a campaign. For example, vid-ad, etc.

Copy the generated URL and share it with your team or add it to any of your promotional campaigns(Ads, posts, etc.)

The generated URL has all the parameters attached to it as query parameters. And If you wish to shorten the URL and hide the parameters, then click on Generate tiny URL.

If you have a CSV file with a list of records and want to generate 1-1 personalized link for each of the records then follow the below steps

  • Click on the CSV Upload tab

  • Provide the Landing Page URL for which you would like to generate the link

  • Upload the CSV file. The first row of the CSV file is considered a property name. You can download the sample CSV file by clicking on the sample.csv

  • If you wish to add any UTM Parameters to be part of the personalized link then enter the values in the respective fields

  • If you want to ignore/remove a few of the columns from the personalized links then from the dropdown unselect the column names which is not necessary

  • Click on Generate tiny URL to generate the shortened URL.

  • Click on Export to CSV to download the CSV file.

Below is the video of how to generate 1-1 personalized links

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