Segment Integration

Segment collects, cleans, and controls your visitor data/event within a reliable infrastructure. You can integrate your CustomFit account with Segment to have your CustomFit experiences and behaviours pushed as custom events in Segment.


  • A Segment account that is currently active

  • Your webpage should have both the CustomFit code snippet and the Segment analytics code.

Integrating CustomFit with Segment

  • Log in to your CustomFit dashboard.

  • From the dashboard sidebar, click on Settings > 3rd Party Integrations.

  • On the integrations page, you can see the Segment section.

  • Click on the status field to enable Segment integration.

Validating integration

Once the integration is configured, you can validate that your experience behavior data is being transmitted to Segment.

  • Log in to your Segment account.

  • Click on Sources under Connections in the sidebar.

  • Then click on the source installed on your website.

  • To view a list of all the events the source has received, select the Debugger tab.

  • Under the Debugger tab, you can see an event by the name CustomFit Experience Viewed. Click on this event to see the experience and behavior details.

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