Forward Custom Events from GTM to CustomFit

To make it easier to send custom events from Google Tag Manager (GTM) to CustomFit, you can import the CustomFit GTM Event Forwarder template into your GTM account.

Suppose you've configured GTM tags for events like "Add to Cart," "Buy Now," and "Checkout" in Google Tag Manager. Now, if you want to add or import "Add to Cart" as a goal event in CustomFit, you can do it easily with the CustomFit GTM Event Forwarder.

Importing CustomFit GTM Event Forwarder

To import the CustomFit GTM Event Forwarder, perform the below steps:

  • Download the template from here.

  • Log into your GTM account and choose the relevant workspace.

  • Click on the Templates from the sidebar and click on the New template button in the Tag templates section.

  • Click the present at the top right corner of the Template Editor page and choose the Import option.

  • Locate and pick template.tpl from the downloaded files.

  • Click on the Save button to successfully import the CustomFit GTM Event Forwarder.

Creating Trigger

  • Click on the Triggers in the sidebar, and then click on the New button.

  • Give the Trigger Name as CustomFit-GTM-Event-Forwarder-Trigger.

  • Next, click on the Trigger Configuration and choose the Trigger type as Custom Event.

  • Enter the Event name as .* and Select the Use regex matching option.

  • Click on the Save button.

Creating Tag

  • Click on the Tags in the sidebar, and then click on the New button.

  • Give the Tag Name as CustomFit GTM Event Forwarder Tag.

  • Next, click on the Tag Configuration and choose the Tag type as Event Forwarder.

  • To forward a custom event to CustomFit, click the + Add Event button and enter the event name. You can add 'n' number of custom events to CustomFit. Ensure that you enter each event that you want to forward to CustomFit.

  • To exclude a few of the event properties, select + Add property and enter the name of the property to be excluded.

  • Click on the Triggering section and select the CustomFit-GTM-Event-Forwarder-Trigger.

  • Click on the Save button.

Adding GTM Custom Event as Goal event in CustomFit

  • Click on the experience to which you want to add a goal event.

  • Click on the goals tab.

  • Click on + Add Goal events.

  • Then, from the drop-down, select the Goal type as Custom Event.

  • Select the required event from the goal events.

  • Enter the access code and click on the Add button.

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