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Segment collects, cleans, and controls your visitor data/event within a reliable infrastructure. The powerful integration between Segment and enables you to instantly send any visitor data/event from Segment to in real-time.
Our Segment integration will provide event tracking and visitor attribute collection without the need to implement tags separately. To integrate please follow the below steps :
  • Log in to the dashboard and click on settings from the sidebar
  • Click on 3rd Party Integrations
  • On the integrations page, you can see the Segments section
  • Click on the status field to enable Segment Integration
  • Click on the server key to copy the server key
  • Now login to your Segment account and click on Destinations from the dashboard sidebar
  • Click on Add Destination, and search for the
  • Once the destination has been added then click on the settings icon of the destination
  • Under destination settings click on the API key
  • In the destination keys section click on the edit button and paste the key which you have previously copied from the dashboard
These steps will make integrated with your app as one of the destinations via Segment snippets.